Global Promotion Codes

The Highest Amount

Country Amount to be spent Amount to be won Promotional code price
Turkish lira (₺) 115₺ 300₺ 20₺
Dollar ($) 50$ 100$ 20$
EURO (€) 45€ 80€ 20€
STERLİN (£) 45£ 80£ 20£

We can provide all countries and currencies on request


About promotional codes

Accounts that have used a promo code before cannot use this code

Possibility not to work on old dated Adwords Ads accounts There are no problems with codes

Promo codes work in the country accounts of which country the currency belongs to

Apart from this, promotional codes can be added according to the currencies of AdWords accounts

For example, an account opened in the USA, but the currency euro can add a euro-based promotional code on it

How to add a promo code

Enter the promotion tab and press the + button to add it

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How promotions work

After adding the promotion code, the code will be active within 1-2 days after you have made the required spend and your gift account will be defined